SugarDesignz is a freelance mixtape/album/single/cd cover designer who is a self taught graphics designer. He has a good 3 years experience in the specific field of mixtape/album design. Hailing from South East London, a place called Penge. A rough urban area where growing up and experiences influence some of his very designs.

Soon to be dipping into other areas of design such as Logo, events flyers and social media layouts.

SugarDesignz has a few years experience with the software Adobe Photoshop and has been designing covers for friends in the early stages of his learning process. In 2013 he started to take it a little more seriously and practiced different techniques and skills. Skills such as vector/cartoon people, blending techniques for mixtape covers and so on.

As of now 2015 he is finally ready to show the world his design skills and take it more seriously. Bringing high quality designs for low, affordable prices.